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16 responses to “Beginner’s Guide to Skate Park Etiquette”

  1. Greg Allison

    The biggest problem with new guys is they are very shy. Like he said, just get in there and skate, don’t just sit on a ledge, don’t just stand next to a wall. Once you get over your initial fears of getting used to the ramps and such, you will have a lot of fun. And by all means don’t hesitate to get advice from another roller at the park. 99% of the time they will be thrilled to see a new face and be more than willing to help you out. The thing is that if you ask for advice you have to be willing to use it and go out there trying stuff. Be safe and have fun!

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    Beginner’s Guide to Skate Park Etiquette…

    So you just received your new aggressive skates from R-dub and the local skate park is calling you. You’re new to the rolling scene and don’t want to look like a complete noob at the skate park and get yelled at by all the regulars, I mean who wan…

  4. Christian

    yeah this is a pretty good guide
    when i started, i pretty much knew most of this already
    the one problem i had was finding somewhere to put my stuff
    my friend almost had his PS2 stolen because he took it with him because he was going to hang at my place afterwards

    anyways, i wish you would have wrote a guide to droping in when i first started
    i still remember not droping in till the 2nd or 3rd time at the park

  5. Dylan L.

    OK, new rollers, ive been in this game a long ass time so listen up. I dont care if youve been doing this 10 years or 10 minutes, if you act like a mook, youll get treated like a mook. Most places dont have skateparks laying around everywhere, so guys can get real protective of them. That doesnt mean stay out, it just means that its theirs. After you skate a spot long enough, youll feel the same way. If you go in with an aditude, youll get put in your place real quick. If you go in respectful and willing to learn (like school, but not run by a bald, middle-aged man) your in like Flin. Got it my little noob-anites. Now grab your new skates you lucky bastards, and go get some new scars.

  6. Aaron Toro

    Dude, I’ve rolling for about 2 years and I havn’t been getting much better. Then I tryed your adivce and I’m better now

  7. »yoshi«

    i read most of it and this seems like a good project. the next tutorial will be great for newer people. i got really lucky when i first started there were like about 10 rollers, all of then really good, so i could put my stuff with thiers. they also helped me learn the basics really quick.

  8. chris

    yea im getting my skates tommorow and going to the skatepark i have 2 friends who are really good and said they whould teach me and they no ppl too

  9. five40

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  10. JJ1215

    Great advice, I remember when I first was a noob, there was a group of skaters who helped teach me how to drop in. The people will be nice if you are.

  11. Dominic

    I just want to know if you’re going to publish the way most skateboarders treat rollers in general (or fruit booters as we’re more commonly known as) and any solutions you have to dealing with it. I am fortunate enough to have a backup as I’m also not bad at skateboarding so I bring that with me and they still don’t treat me like a buddy but they back-off when I hop on the board instead.

  12. Justin

    Im totally new to skatingso just wanted to ask, whats a fruitbooter and whats the whole deal with skaters and rollerbladers? I heard that they have a rivalry against eachother.

  13. Kasper

    What a well-written guide.
    Justin, it’s not really a rival against eachother, but some skaters still doesn’t really recognize blading. Rollerblades have allways been accused for beeing kid’s toys and so on, but my experience tells me it’s getting better. Fruitbooter is just an oh so evil word for an aggressive-blader.

  14. Chase

    One problem with your noobie guide what if you are the only blader where you live (my case) i had no one to help me or anything and i get made fun of by people when they first see me but when i show them a tru fishbrain they shut it but i mean for noobies without people around who skate what about them how do they manage

  15. Kris

    Ok, I’m a mom…stop laughing…a park just opened up on our neighborhood and its packed daily which I’m hoping is just because its still new. I was glad to see this noobie guide – will suggest my 10 yr old read it. He attempted the park for the first time and was overwhelmed. I rather enjoyed observing this skate park “culture” and blend of wheels. Most moms would be scared, I wasn’t. My 10-yr old is a hesitant kinda kid that has potential to let kids walk all over him, but I think he’d learn a lot from the park. I was impressed with kids being respectful of one another as long as you “know skate park ettiquette, dude” as one boarder so eliquently expressed to my child. Lots of cussing, smoking, and evidently stealing, yes….but rather he see reality now than later. Kinda felt it was comparable to my days at a Dead show – everyone was in a good mood, doing their own thing, but there was no one was selling grilled cheese out of their VW camper.

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