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7 responses to “Custom Rollerblade Solo Hype skates”

  1. Leo

    Hi, do you have the Matia’s e-mail?, or at least if you can tell me the method of payment and shipping that he used. I’m from Argentina too and i want to know how did he buy this skate, and if it’s the cheapest way, i will buy a Rollerblade solo skate too. Tanks.

  2. Nick

    Why is Rollerblade still riveting parts onto their skates? They quit doing that back in the nineties. What are they thinking?

  3. lineback

    It’s just an easier way for them to make sure that the parts stay on solid. Rivets can definitely be a pain at times but you could always pop them off and put bolts on there if you needed to.

  4. Matías AKA "The Lightning Saix"

    This is a review on the skates seen above which I received a little while ago:

    “Since I bought my first Solo skates at RW, I started to define how to create my own personalized setup. I wanted many things out of a Solo skate: to make it lighter and thus more maneuverable, increased comfort for a more precise skating experience, and maximizing the potential of the boot’s/soul plate construction. And why not leave some space for creativity !__! After an hour on the phone with Nick, this dream skate took the form we see today!”

  5. carlos henrique

    i want to known the price ?

  6. lineback

    Hey Carlos, those skates are priced at $179 right now. But give us a call at 1-800-772-2502 and we can hook you up with special deal on those!!

  7. davy

    whahaha that liner is inside out ;)

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