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Usd Carbon Free Grey Skates
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Custom USD Carbon Free Grey Skates

Just put together this awesome Custom Setup on the new USD Carbon Free Grey Skates. These skates come pretty awesome stock, but we changed the frame style, upgrading the wheels and bearings, to make this one hell of a Custom Skate.

The Frames: Kizer Slimline 2 Black Frames


Recessed frame walls to increase grind speed
8mm aluminum axles
Aluminum frame spacers
Made in 3 sizes for best possible fit.
Slimmed down design to decrease weight
Oversized h-block and increased split
Ideal frame for a flat-rocker setup
Concave h-block shape to reduce wheel bite
Allows for multiple different wheel setups

This is the biggest possible wheel setup you can ride these frames with if you want to skate flat-rocker. The axels have been rockered down which makes the wheel stick out of the frame further, making their lifespan just a little bit longer.
Also in the picture you can see what kind of h block space you will be looking at, a pretty decent amount if you want to maximize this room you should ride 56mm in a flat rocker setup rockered up. There is a picture below showing this setup.The Wheels: Undercover Demetrios George 2013 58mm 90a

For the wheel setup, we went with flat rocker, using the Undercover Demetrios George 2013 58mm 90a. These are the biggest wheels you can ride flat in Kizer Slimline 2 Black Frames. 90A hardness ensures a durable wheel that will last.

The Bearings: Bones Swiss Labyrinth Bearing

These Bones Swiss Labyrinth Bearing are hands down my favorite high end bearing. They’re the same thing as the regular Bones Swiss Bearings, expect they have dual shields, instead of just one. I prefer dual shield because they’re better at keeping dirt out and better at keeping lubrication in. Also with the dual shields it will be alot harder to clean them, but still possible if needed.

The Soulplates: USD Carbon Soul Plates

These soul plates offer a streamlined profile with natural backslide area. If your wanting something a little more beefy check out the USD VII Soul Plates. Those and the USD Carbon Soul Plates souls are available in a wide variety of different colors. Keep in mind we can swap out the color of ANY part on this skate for no additional charge.

The Liners:

These skates features a built in/non-removable liner, this will increase the responsiveness of your skate, since the actual shell and the liner are one. Keep in mind these liners are not replaceable, so to get the most out of the skates you need to make sure your unlacing your skates all the way before you taken them on/off. Be gentile when your putting them on or taking them off, the more you try to jam your foot in or rip it out, the more damage the liner will take. These liners are just as durable as any other aggressive liner.

The Cuffs: USD Carbon II Cuffs

We also took off the stock red cuffs and replaced them with black. We can always swap out any part to a different color for no additional charge. To do this you gotta call us up and place your Custom skate order over the phone. 1-800-772-2502

If you ever have any questions about product or skating in general, feel free to call us up at 1-800-772-2502 (Mon-Fri 8am to 6pm PST) and ask for me ( Hirt ) or Andy, and either of us would be glad to help you out.

Keep in mind we can swap out the color of ANY part on this skate for no additional charge. To make these changes you have to call us up and place your order over the phone, 1-800-772-2502 (Mon-Fri 8am to 6pm PST)

And that’s ourCustom USD Carbon Free Grey Skates
, be sure to pick your pair up from!

Thanks and stay tuned to the Rollerwarehouse Blog to keep up on the newest product.

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