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7 responses to “Each one, Teach one”

  1. Chiggs

    Nice job you redneck >: (|)

  2. crazybassist601

    THANK YOU. I will follow your advice. Each one teach one (although I already have taught one and tried to teach 2 others). I will teach more, and I already have one “apprentice”.

    You should also mention how it is more safe to skate with more than one person, so if one gets hurt, the other can help.

  3. Ryan

    very helpful, that is basically what someone did for me, they let me use their skates then i went out and bought my own, i have 3 in training now! lol, always skate wit ha tool, and wax

  4. luigi

    its cool that idea, ive already teach 5 guys and one of them its very crazy im like in 2nd place after him jajaja but its good because that say that im a really good teacher and for all you rollers in USA im from texas i born there but im living now in mexico and theres alot of hundread of rollers guys and like 10 rollergirls in this shit and its growing….i went to a event in some place here in mexico and there was like more then 300 hundread people 80% with a pair of aggressive skates………i will be teaching more and more guys until i stop doing this shit……say no to drugs and roll!!!

  5. efrankie90

    that was an awesome article

  6. BuniqueSkater

    veryy smart article. i am goin to save this. amazing article!

  7. five40

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