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4 responses to “Fade Nation”

  1. Doug

    After a 15 year(!) break from the sport, I just ordered some new skates from you folks and they are sick! However, I don’t really follow the pro skating scene at all so the names don’t register for me. Can you suggest any DVDs that focus mostly (or totally) on park/vert skating? Either answer by email or maybe in another post. Thanks.

  2. chrisurn p

    you’ve got a massive problem with be-mag and the writer or producers of that site, these opinions are not from the buyers of the industry. good luck with another sponsor!

  3. jonnyB

    When will Fade Nation come in to Roller Warehouse?

  4. dick dickerson

    this movie sucked all the music sucked especially. there was probably less than 15 switch ups in the whole movie. haffey didnt really do anything spectaular he did a lot of gaps in his part. it seems like brandon negrete ruined the movie because 2feet was filmed and editted a lot better by just lonnie gallegos

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