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7 responses to “Girls of Rollerblading Edit”

  1. Dan

    Goddamn, that’s some sick skating made sicker by the fact that there are our sweet little girls out there tearing it up.

    Prin-cess slide, yo.

  2. Pinhead

    that was so siiiick thats what we seriously need though,more girls in the sport

  3. Josh


  4. Josh

    i like tortillas, those chicks look tortillariffic.

  5. Tom Schneider

    nicely done.

  6. Carlito Sunshine

    Those chicks were sick and sexy…. ^_^ Big up’s to ya.

  7. Jimmy

    Girls always put me to shame.Im Tripping out on them 900′s best fakie I ever seen! Far out you ladies are looking good fa rreeeell doe!

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