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4 responses to “Growth DVD Review”

  1. Brad Bruce

    you know you love it!!! or not, but josh jones section was the best!


    Im pretty sure (features skaters such as Mikey Blair, Derek McClain, Chris Couture, Mike Oz, Justin Waken, and Josh Jones. ) you meant MATT Oz and Justin WALKER, if I’m not mistaken.

  3. AJ Trujillo

    Hey fellas. To start off, Chris Couture definitely did have a sick section, probably the best in the video. I hope that sponsors will see the same thing i did and pick this kid up. I saw Derek McClain skate back in his k2 days and he’s still pullin off some sick stuff rollin in his xsjados. Mikey Blair also pulled off some awesome big @$$ hammers, just as your review said. All in all, this video was better than i had expected. Do yourself a favor though, don’t watch this video right after you watch “Teach Them Well” cause your opinion will be highly distorted. haha.

  4. Chris Couture

    whats up? Thanks for the positive comments guys I really appreciate it. Hopefully more people like the video. Also we are hosting a competition in kalamazoo MI on july 7th Park for beginners and street for advanced. Beginner sign up at 11 and advanced at 1 at the park, any questions email me at

    Chris Couture

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