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Joey Ihara & Derek Henderson shred Sac

RW team rider Joey Ihara came up to Sac for the weekend with our good friend Derek Henderson(Razors AM). Lots of good times, and blading went down. Joji and Derek are currently filming for a new video project. Here are a couple of photos Matthew Bolger took from our weekend adventures.

IL Will getting illy wit it. A/O Fishy wall ride.

Derek gaping the crack gap under the bridge in Auburn. It's no easy task.

Derek just being the All Star that he is. Think we have enough people poaching this shot?

TOBY! Getting some good air.

You already know.

Seriously people this transfer is no joke..

Toby with a true fishy stall to 270 back into the bank.

Derek got pulled by Paul's JetVolvoboat going a easy 100 + mph to get this lofty ROCKET 180. Be-Maggers are loving this photo right now.

TOBY! Kid was getting too filthy on this up flat down ledge. Steez'd out backside.

NAME THAT TRICK! Just joking... Joji with a clean a$$ a/o fishy across the Rocklin Skate Park extension. Yes that is the famous Rocklin Skate Park that is located a couple blocks from our shop. Come on by the shop, buy some gear, and go shred it.

Nice little warm up b/s royals by Joji. Not the easiest ledge to gap out to but Joey didn't seem to mind.

This photo doesn't do this spot, or trick any justice.. This is just insane and Joey handled it like a BOSS!

Don't mess with my friend while they're sleeping! - JSF

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