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3 responses to “Jon Julio’s Blading The Game”

  1. Eric

    WHHHHHHHHHHHHHHY! Does no one see this is a disaster? If it didn’t work for Xbox, why would it for an “Ipod Pad, blah blah” Graphics are trash, movement is robotic, this looks like it was made for the NES. Please don’t release this, as if we need more bad publicity

  2. Gabe molina

    Wish it was on a console….. but gotta start sumwhere. Hope when it does it can be more realistic cuz we still look like we are ballerinas. I feel it needs a lot of work and support more importantly. No disprespect ( trust me I want a blading game so bad ) but with the technology we have, even in cell phone games, why be content with the graphics. I have faith that, if we support this movement then they will make enough revenue for better play and updates. Its good to know at least someone is tryin to expand our blading network.

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