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4 responses to “New Valo JJ Velcro skates”

  1. rollindeshi

    Oh sweet….Velcro…now my grandpa can get a pair that wont hurt his arthritis when he puts them on.

    What are we, freakin 5 years old?!?!

    Absolutely Disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t even, ever want to look at these nasty skates again, let alone put them on my adult feet.

  2. spencer johnson

    ya i bought this boot ..i hope im satisfied . they look awsome tho.

  3. jordan

    i think these are sick, you don’t have to be 5 to wear velcro, i think it looks sweet.

  4. IVAN

    awesome skate all around, i have these and the erik baileys.. these are the shits VALO 4 LIFE..

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