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  1. Rory O

    I am continually amazed at these “other” athletes that are not regularly provided the notoriety so rightfully deserved; BLADERS. These guys are unbelievable.

    Yes, of course you’ll get in arguments that skateboarders rule…blah blah blah, heard way too many times. Yeah, we all know first hand or from publications but you cannot compare the two sports. Its like comparing a snowboardere to a skier, can’t and shouldn’t.
    With that said, its evident from this HD production that Connor O’Brien and other contributors provided some of the most amazing footage with such great talents.

    The slo-mos were the piece Pièce de résistance. Okay, well it was smokin!
    ONEvideo and Connor…keep doing what your doing cuz’ that is great stuff.

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