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8 responses to “Profile: B-Unique Clothing”

  1. jiMMy jAm

    k sTEEZ sI A bAThING aPE!

  2. Greg Allison

    I just got the Einstein shirt and the New York times shirt a few days ago and was very impressed. The Einstein logo is just great, and the chains actually shine instead of just being so ironed on yellow and grey. The New York times shirt is great, especially in the blue I got it in, it just stands out and looks really nice.

  3. k steez the don

    word guys! these clothes are so sick

  4. five40

    k steez flows soooooo smooth

  5. DaBlckMan

    Yo I luv B. Unique clothes. They make me look good while rollin and at skool. Come to think of it i need to buy somemore.

  6. big C

    keep it up im proud of my sunz

  7. ...

    yea these clothes are hot, dey making it big, i just want them to start making clothes for girls cause they look too nice to just be for men

    p.s thats not my real email so do not reply back lol

  8. Bapes

    I likes bapes it is a really dope brand to buy but I cant afford no authentic bape cuz right now Im on the welfare, so I just usually look up bape on google and buy a replica one usually the quality is pretty good. I think Bape needs some new styles though.

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