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7 responses to “Profile: Don Bambrick”

  1. five40

    thanks mark and don and also thanks to the message board crew for the questions.

  2. Jimmy Jam

    Awesome interview.

    My question made it up. So now it’s kinda like I talked to Dom.

    my day is made.

  3. » Profile : Don Bambrick ::

    [...] Check the Interview + Photos of Don Bambrick on RW [...]

  4. PEneoark

    very cool bro. too bad I had to quit skating due to knee complications :(

  5. brad bruce

    a well deserved – professional.

    but i will own you on your table don.

  6. Matt

    Yo, i saw u in Bang (by Mindgame) and it kicked the krap out of the other vids i saw. What kind of skates do u have besides solimon rob thompson?

  7. Jason Messenger

    So i got bored one day and googled the name Don Bambrick because I used to skate with the kid when I was younger and he was a monster then, looks like hes really making a name for himself, good job man, keep it up.

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