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8 responses to “Razors Chaz Sands”

  1. k steez the don

    these skates look sick

  2. britz

    yo these skates are off the hook i gota b hookin my self up wiv them bitches good job for makin them bled ;)

  3. mikey

    i just bought em fuckin rite there sick

  4. dingy

    they look and sound fucking moff!! bring them on!

  5. ave

    dude these look sick

  6. Patrick

    These skates are boss…
    I have a pair too, haha…
    But there 2 yrs old, and still boss

  7. Decker

    WTF i want these so badly and no one has them in stock any more so because i have never ordered skates from any one but rollerwairhouse and so i figured i would just order the Razor G8 but gess what sold out/ not available in my size or any other for that fact so guys relay whats going on ?

  8. Monologue

    These r mi skates! I hav lernt so much on dem since i got dem! They are fukkin comfy like nothing, have loads of flex and are suprisingly light for what they look like.

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