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6 responses to “Aggressive Skates – Razors Cult 9 Skate”

  1. Ryan Faith

    This skates are sick as hell, their more supported then other skates i’ve had in the past. Also there lighter for higher jumps on rails.

  2. Gray

    I just bought a pair yesterday, i wasn’t like sure on what i would get at first it was a mashup bettween G8s Cult 8s or the Cult 9. maybe i just didn’t want white boots XD
    I got to break them in but support wise they are very secure i can lean in on the toung and not fall forward on my face cos of the wight. the stock frame needed a bit of lube however but i’m probbly going to get replacements for it at some point. the guy in the store also commented on the weight being a lot lighter then his own skates and from reviews i saw it’s been said a few times.

  3. Svet

    Whats the difference between the Cult 8 and 9 skate? witch one is the better skate?

  4. kieran fisher

    i am a loser

  5. jerry butler

    The skates are amazing, there probably the best ones I have had, buy them please!!!

  6. jerry butler

    There amazing skates there really light

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