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9 responses to “Razors Elliot 3 Pro Skate”

  1. poop

    I hate that skate it is fugly like yo mOmm@!!!!!!!

    -obese feline

  2. RO$$


  3. skatecrazy

    these skates are crazy i am skating a pair and they are so light and comfortable thanks rw

  4. Aaron Miller

    are these skate really as good as they say they are cuz im gonna buy thm and i just need some feedback?

  5. christian

    STEEZ!these skates are sweet.i’ve had mine for about a month now.super light,souls slide like butta on anything,super comfy after about the first week,jus flexy enough to make topside tricks easy.color’s witht he black and grey are sick.the ground controls make torques super easy,jus a sick skate.CROP EM!

  6. secret

    nice skates

  7. Anonymous

    i love these skates i’ve had em for a while though but the insoles on mine arent that comfy thats the only problem i have with mine

  8. razorblade

    i own a pair of razors elliot 3s thay are good but they need to bge more fatter

  9. Lewis

    these skates are awsome i’ve owned a pair for nearly 2 years now and am still using them they are sooooo lite and comfortable i love them

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