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10 responses to “Razors Murda 3”

  1. Kenneth Viado

    How much are they?

  2. Liam

    They are $269.

  3. danny

    they are so cool

  4. britz


  5. robert

    these ar so cool im going to buy them

  6. Anonymous

    iv had these for bout 3 months they are so nice! the wheels they come with are great an since the boots are white they look amazing all i have ta do is wipe um down every once in a while an they look like new.

  7. TomM

    iv had these for bout 3 months there great the wheels last and dont chunk off. the boots are amazing looking but since there white every once in a while i wipe them down and they look like new!

  8. Heidi

    Im selling these Murda 3′s that were used for about a week, but I need money right now, so im selling them for $150.00 plus shipping if you’re not in my area.

    Email me, or message me on myspace.

  9. Heidi

    BY the way, the M3′s im selling are a size 8

  10. Caleb Hubbard

    These skates look REALLY nice, but i cant find them in a size 12 or 13! But overall i want these skates!!!!!

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