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17 responses to “Razors Shima 7 Skates”

  1. Adam Turner


  2. josh v.

    I have to get those!!!!!!!!!

  3. rollrazors92

    ordering them tommorrow

  4. t

    all the razor skates are starting to look alike

  5. dave-0

    yea razors does need to come out with a new mold/boot design or something like that. the genesys boot is a good boot (im riding genesys 4′s) but im sure they could make it better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. J bird

    dave-0 is right i am rockin my G3 and they still look the same but the Genesys boot is the best so far.

  7. d-freezy

    man i want a pair of those.but the boots do look the a question are the new DI frames really better than the old hi los?

  8. brandon

    nice skates. i like the colors and they look really suppportive but flexible and fast. i might have to get those

  9. jester

    I HAVE those sk8s and if u ask me they rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET THEM NOW

  10. kaleb

    those skates r tight im getting those in about a month it will be awesome

  11. X-it

    I got those for Christmas. They are amazing. Grinds are so FAST on them. and it is easy to learn on them. wheels and frames are amazing. i like almost everything about them…probably best skates i had so far. Took me a bit to get used to them..because my old ones were not that controllable.
    the only thing is that it is hard to get used to topsides on them….it is just hard to feel when you are actually on it.=)…this is probably just me(TOO comfortable)

  12. >:}ducky{:

    yeh man those skates look “AMAZIN” they look so lite and smooth al have to get those !!!!!!!

  13. TJ

    I have the 6′s and theses look alot beter but i hope the 7′s have bigger soul plates

  14. Savannah

    would you recomend theese or razor shima 3′s?

  15. Savannah

    Okay i have another question I heard theese are hard to ride on when you first get them and there hard 2 break in is that true?And whats a good skate 4 a beginer?

  16. Shaun

    i would recomend these cuz i hav them and they are RAD

  17. Allen

    i had these skates,they were good and strong on grinds and definitely on the negative grinds but top grinds were a little im skatin aragon 2′s.

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