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6 responses to “Remz 06 Two Skate Review”

  1. Hayden Aka KidsOnTheScene

    Very,very,very nice review!:D you would have convinced me to buy remz but, I already have a pair of 0601′s. I loved them but they just weren’t for me. I love the remz liner very much. I am currently skating with my remz liner in my salos. Nice Job!


  2. »yoshi«

    yo man great review. theres no one that top that review.

  3. ERIC!

    thanks for the support guys, i worked hard

  4. five40

    Eric got a $10 RW Gift Certificate for submitting this article. Click here for details:

  5. BlaDAh

    Great skates relly flexy

  6. SevenTwenty

    Sick review!! I have remz 0601 and Franky Morales and i love them both

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