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10 responses to “Remz 07 One Skates”

  1. D-Biz

    these skates are magic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best ive ever had! i think if jesus skated he’d skate REMZ

  2. Darren K.


    They’re my first pair of Remz and I will never switch again. The souls are perfect, the liners are great, and they look sweet. Remz are the best skates, hands down.

  3. Zach P

    i remember somebody saying that the 06 2s were like masturbation to your feet…well these skates are like oral sex to your feet.

  4. Mattttttt.hew

    My Mate Got some of these, and at first i laughed at him for the baby purple colour! Then i felt them and fell in love!! The shock’s are just orgasmic in them!! REMZ are sex

  5. Andi

    i drive this skate, and he is really good . the orginal frame is not so good i think.the black one is better

  6. owen

    these skates look sick but i dont understand how some people say that there sex on ur feet and others say they give you mad blisters?

  7. ave

    I think theese skates look like giant pieces of lead. how many skins and strings and buckles could be hidden inside of theese beastly contraptions? To be honest I think Remz has good technology, but way to much shit all over their skates. They did such a good job with Franky’s, but Theese are a discusting sight. Man o Man

  8. Bashir bitar

    Theese blades are kick ass and supper comfortable!!

  9. Immolispousia

    Hi! i’m repost you post: to my @niuuaoui twitter

  10. skate4life

    Good old times where remz still look good, the haffeys now have too much v-cut it looks damn weird.

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