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13 responses to “Review: Able Frames”

  1. k steez the don


  2. Andy j


  3. Greg A.

    They look siiiick

  4. frank

    ill be gettin a pair a those for myself , they look sick

  5. dustin dixon

    the best frames i have had yet

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  7. Gonzalo

    This review is worthless. The only performance characteristic mentioned about the frames was their light weight. We can obviously see the graphics so we don’t need to be told if they’re sick or not. And yes, we also noticed that they offer a freestyle frame

    What a review should be about is how the frames skate and to honesty point out the good and bad things.

  8. schow

    casey im your cousin if u ever email me but yeah yur the man

  9. joe

    look awsome but you used the word sick way too much lol
    “how sick they were.”
    “one of the sickest features ”
    “Another sick thing about the new Able’s is the sick designs.”- 2 in 1!
    “here is some sick cursive print”
    “have the same sick cursive writing “

  10. dak lee

    i got xsjao boot size 9 with gc frame bullet size M
    Could you please tell me what size from able frame L or M would be as long as my gc?


  11. 925 Cali Rolla'

    these frames are cool bit heavy ride ok good decent frame make weird ass noices worth geting but i wouldd also recomend some ground controls

  12. Noitaddergide

    welcome me hey

  13. John P

    These are some nice, frames, but they can look better with some black in them

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