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11 responses to “Rollerblade TRS LE Skates”

  1. five40

    PS- price is only $159, that\’s a damn fine deal for this quality of skate…

  2. diego rico

    wow those are sick….ands so cheap=make me happy, alpha one here i come

  3. nigga on sk8s

    these are sick sk8s and i cant wait to sk8 the broskow editions..

  4. sk8ta 4 christ

    i hate the frames that all trs skates come with they suck
    the h-block is really small and you should defenintly get new ones if you are gonna buy any TRS skate

  5. Danny

    Awesome skates..
    They are tanks and cheap too

  6. braxton

    the look pretty crappy to me…..

  7. bladerguy 540

    i have just bought the skate i a black and white colour and had them last year they are a good skate and not the heaviy the only thing that should be changed is the h-blocks they are not big enough and when i go up for lets just say a soul they slip so easy and they are waxed good but apart from that they are really good for skating on . peace out dudes ;)

  8. Kelly

    Hi I was looking at this link and I would like to know where I can purchase an EXACT roller skate that is posted on this website. Where I can purchase it & the cost as well, please contact me back.

  9. lineback

    Hey, this skate is actually discontinued and is no longer being produced by the manufacturer, so we won’t be able to get any more of them in stock. However we do have a lot of other TRS skates in stock if you’re interested in something different.

  10. Kelly

    yes,do you have a rollerblade alpha 3?thanks

  11. lineback

    We have the Alpha 3 skins, but the actual Rollerblade Alpha 3 Skate is all out of stock and discontinued. You could put those skins on pretty much any Rollerblade boot out there though!

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