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5 responses to “Rollerblading Clothes for Girls”

  1. Kool Keth

    I know I want my girl to be fitted in fresh girl tee’s.

  2. ksteez the don

    me toooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. five40

    gotta hook my lady up for her b-day…

  4. Don Lapre

    What i wonder is – could a product be leveraged out of this? Is there something we could produce or contract to produce and sell. If anyone has any ideas – I’m always looking for fresh ideas, email me at ‘talk’ at my website above (its justmy personal bio site, no sales – ps hoping to add my own blog soon) any shoot me a line if you want to discuss more in detail, for the right idea i would sponsor all the costs – Don

  5. rachel

    wel i no i want to b taken seriously when i go to skateparks so people wont think of me as someone who just wants to look at the guys!

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