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18 responses to “Ross Kuhn”

  1. k steez the don

    what a pleasure it is talking to RossTa kooon, hes the man, expect amazing things in the future from this guy!

  2. caseyb

    ya ross. ive seen some of your footage for we are valo 2 and its some quality footage! and it was fun out there in oregon stay up playa.

  3. George Michaels.

    I love his section in Humble Beings.

    can’t wait to see his clips in We Are Valo 2

  4. tyler mo fuckin rodgers

    ross is ill

  5. steve k

    thanks ross kuhn is a stand up guy!
    who took the gret photos?


    Carlos Rossy is sooo incredible.

    Professional, yet so damn fun to be around.

    Infinite hat tips to you my brother…until next time.

  7. LEON

    When I first skated with Ross and Sapata, I knew that they are the future.
    It was only a question of time for the industry to find them.

  8. willcosgrove


  9. lou sassel

    all the photos were takin by NIC KYTLICA

  10. humbledirt916

    ross is the bomb stuff check humble beings
    rdub fo life

  11. Paul D

    I love you Ross

  12. tom hadley from uk


  13. Lappier

    its about time oregon takes back a peice of the pie.
    congrats Ross and Sa-pasta.

  14. corben

    way to go Rasta mon.

  15. Shilo

    i love this kid.

  16. kevin

    this kid has a incrediblely CLEAN style it looks nice

  17. cameron

    this dude is fresh

  18. The other ross

    my name is ross kuhn too

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