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10 responses to “Salomon Skates Review”

  1. Chiggs


  2. Greg Allison

    It’s good that you said what you didn’t like too. Hopefully, more will follow that way of thought or every review will be OMGZ DIS IZ DA BEST EVA!!!

  3. memo

    my brother have salo´s and they are great

  4. Brandon Jenkins

    i have the Brandon Campbell 2..and they are amazing i love them and they will be my only skates…saloman has awsome skates

  5. frank

    salomon liners rule!!!

  6. five40

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  7. Glenn McLaughlin

    Hi there, I’m in New Zealand, I’m 32 and been into rollerblading since 1993. I have owned many many pairs of various skates. Earliest TRS’s, Tarmac’s, Roces M12, K2 Fatty and K2 king 55 (awesome, like early REMZ), later model TRS and now Solomon Chaz Sands blue.

    They were mint (good as) straight outta the box. Yeah, seems like they have nice liners, solid construction, yeah I cut the strap down too, came with Rob Thompson Solomon frames and Dustin Latimer pro wheels. And I think abec 5′s.

    Yeah cool. Had them about 2 years, used them about 10 times ( 32 is old for skating! ).
    They seem good, I think coz I’m older its harder for me to break in new skates than it was back in the day. Solomons have had a good name for a long time, and I can see how they would last ages.

    I have actually been trying to sell them but I am glad now since reading this, that I still have them. I might try what you said and increase the groove, maybe try and mount some kind of 45 degree strap (power strap) to lock my foot in harder. If I take off the wide sole plate I will not be able to skate coz the screws are too long. But Could possibly find replacements, maybe play with your other ideas too.

    Thanks so very much for supporting Solomon aggressive, I have been inspired to love them again.

  8. Mclovin

    awesome review one of the best I have read. Just ordered my Salomon Chaz Sands looking forward to get them, does having no extension on the soul plate affect locking on? because ones I brought do not come with them , and if so where can I buy the extension?

  9. Scooby

    I have new Salomon Brandon Campbell 2, this is my second pair of salomon and I think is the best skate ever! I skating on Deshi Ch1 (2 pair), xsjado, remz, razors sl, usd throne… Nothing is better than salomon!

  10. Glenn Mclaughlin

    Im 32 and aren’t very good at skating, never was but I have a big carrot for it

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