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4 responses to “Senate Tee Shirts”

  1. ksteez the don


  2. Nathan Hollins

    thats not fancy to me, i like the neat old style logo. i like the logo, but without the goo. id be happy to see them anywho.rock on! groovy babby! yah dude! you role! awesome! rite on! rite on! whats the 411? you role!

  3. skaterchick_steph

    can some on help me find a senate t-shirt or hoodie with the old senate logo. The super “s” looks like superman logo with the backwards dollar sign “s”. My email address is I am having trouble finding this item.

    Thank you.


  4. Tony

    senate got sued for that tee shirt and it is no longer available and very hard to find. the shirt is now a collecters item.

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