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9 responses to “Skate Scene: Lakewood, Ohio”

  1. Chiggs


  2. neb

    dude i agree. i live in kansas and all i see is skateboarders. i still have not seen any thing to skate (street).

  3. matt

    canton rollers repin

  4. mike

    i live in avonlake and that shit sucks there is no aggressive skaters im da only one in that town we have an avonlake sp but its ok ive been to lakewood once never skated it but i know were some sweet spots r so come to avonlake for a few peace

  5. joe

    I used to skate about ten years ago. I quit because I got into music. Now I’m 23, and I want to get back into it. I still have my ancient and abused Roces M12s, but they still fit.

    I’m living in Wooster now, and I don’t know anyone here, but I do remember skating this town a little before I quit and finding some cool gaps, but that was about it. The cops are pretty bad here.

    I’m not into skateparks at all because every time I’ve gone there (I also ride bmx), there have been a bunch of 15 year old bastards knocking the ramps over or fighting. I’d rather skate the streets anyway.

    So, does anyone anywhere in the area want to meet up sometime to see if I can still do this stuff? I used to be the kind of skater who made up for what he couldn’t do by being crazy. I don’t think I’m like that anymore, but you never know.

    If anyone’s interested, let me know – jdfrankland at

  6. five40

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  7. aaron

    where is this located in ohio.. im over by youngstown

  8. donald

    yea dude i live in euclid ohio ive been to lakewood park couple times the amout of rollers is really laking our park in euclid is infested with skateboarders and there r no shops at all i got like 4 other ppls to roll with it just a lil sad and pathetic sometimes

  9. Alex Lee

    Yeah I feel that I’m from copley ohio so a little ways aways, but there are some decent spots but no place to get equipment. I guess ordering is the only way because every local shop is dedicated to skateboarding and snowboarding. Let people hate at the parks we do what we love.

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