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10 responses to “Skate Scene: Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin”

  1. rockermichael

    nice i went when i stayed in wisconson

  2. Chiggs

    I want to skate with you, because you look just like a buddy of mine

  3. casey

    yeah im from appleton. whats the street like up there?

  4. efrankie90

    I want to skate that park

    There’s nothin good like that around here

  5. dave-0

    thats sick… no good parks like that around here.. the kink ledges or mission control 2 looks awesome!!!!!!

  6. mr.pirgg

    dude we have a park kinda like that at hudson wis………but theirs mainly rollers and bikers their…..i like that bowl and mission control 2… fun to skate

  7. Brian Krans

    Sorry about being knit-picky, but the Hundred Stair (at the end of 8th Street) has been done. Tom from Adams-Friendship (back in the day) did it in ’98, Chris Anderson did it the same year and John Cardona did it around the same year. Those are all guys from the old school, so I doubt any of us are even in the minds of rollers now a days. It started with four – now it’s actually a good scene. I still have to come back home to skate the park.

  8. Nick Minch

    to brian krans: i dont recall their names…. my bad… but if you ever decide to skate the park, hit me up with a pm on rw

  9. five40

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  10. dgvnjckx;vbn frjdx;kznv

    isn’t skate city in Rapids?

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