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  1. jeyrard

    or this can you give it for free plsssssss because im want to to try roller blades and i dont have any roller blades i just try rollerblades in my friends and there saying too me that im a looser because i dont have any roller blades because of i deside to find a rollerblades online shop and i found your shop at youtube and i like your shop on facebook

  2. jeyrard

    the wheels of skate board and roller blades are same??

  3. The Truth

    Don’t get it twisted kids, that is NOT a Montre signature 50/50 frame on the boot. Montre STILL rides for Create Originals and he has his own Create Originals signature frame:

  4. Eric

    Well come to blading. Blading 101
    #1.) Don’t beg, begging is futile (Trust me, I’ve tried it)
    #2.) Blade wheels and board wheels are absolute opposites
    #3.) You might want to start on some REMZ, there are some cheap models out there and you always get your money’s worth with them
    #4.) Go on Amall’s youtube, they have ALOT of pointers on tricks, and blading in general (Don’t buy from them though, Rollerwarehouse hooks it up WAY more)

  5. nolan JUN

    well…i don’t like the shady shit that shima pulled off to make “NIMH” into “Shima” Skate Man.

    …not to be hating on shima.. really, i mean he is a skating legend and WAS my idol for the longest time….but pretty scandalous.

    anyways the skates are still redic. steezy…….thinkin bout buying a pair…… and their still some of the most solid skates out their.

  6. sporry

    just bad.

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