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2 responses to “USD Billy O’Neil Throne Skates”

  1. Alec

    Hey Hey!! I just picked up the new USD Billy O’Neil Throne Skates and have been riding them for about 2 months now. I would like to say that these skates Kick Ass!! I was riding some k2 250 cc’s and since i have been riding these skates i have gotten so much better (not to brag), doing handrails and ledges, even some big gaps. Its true, when you buy a good quality skate, it helps you in all your lacking areas. I couldn’t even grind before! You should see me now !! Huge soul, faster royales, and great for Cess Slides.

  2. Micajah Nye

    Through the years I’ve skated many many pairs of skates. From the original Rollerblade Tarmacs to Oxygen’s to Salomon’s to Razors, etc. Infact…I have skated every brand possible since ’94 except Deshi, Valo, and xsjado.

    I have to say that these USD Billy O’neill, the Razors Elliott 3′s, and the Roces Fifth Elements are my favorites skates of all time.

    Also, I ride flat. It just feels more solid. And the kizer fluid frames are killer with a 52mm-54mm wheel.

    The liners are nice. But I prefer the Elliott 3 liners.

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