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2 responses to “USD Sean Kelso Pro Skates”

  1. greg eldridge

    i am 13 years old and i skate hard. i use to suck but i worked my ass off and now i am the sickest skater in my nieghborhood. i bought these skates because of looks. i rode a2`s because of how narly everyone said they were i rode with. they were mad lite but i didnt like them really. i didnt like them on my favorite street spot in my neighboorhood. the first thing i did was take out the mid wheels. i was gonna put rockers in but i dont like them i like to stay on rails by skill now anti rockers. i reccoment these skates because they slide sooo slic and i love them. people who would consider changing these frames to mooks or something…featherlites i dont know i think ur idiots because these skates stock are ill enough

  2. kman

    Im about to get these skates i am not a skater yet but when im in the skateing ring i am so amazing with the blades they so i think i would try some pro blades

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