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5 responses to “Valo Jon Julio Light Pro Boots”

  1. Evan Duke

    I wanna ask about this skate where is the full Skate because to me idk baout getting booty only and do I need to size my shoe and skate size is 13 in mens

  2. Captain

    Hey Evan, you can actually put any pair of frames that we sell onto those boots. They run very true to your normal shoe size but you could probably fit into the size 12.0′s no problem. Super comfortable and amazing skates! Definitely would recommend these bad boys to anyone.

    Please feel free to call us at 800-772-2502 and talk with some of our skaters if you have any questions.

    Peace, Andy

  3. christian

    I want to buy the Valo JJ1 or the JJLight.
    Do you have them on stock? If so, how much are them?
    And, my shoe size is 10.5 american size, what would be my size for those?

  4. Captain

    Hey Christian, yes we have them available and you’re going to need a size 10.0 if you’re a size 10.5 shoe. Price of the skates are $355

  5. Nolan

    Dope as fuck….. Is there any way to just buy the inner shell?

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