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VIDEO: Hangin with Rdub

“Just a humble layed back weekend of blading and BBQin with the homies… Clip of Andy Johnson up in the mix ” -Sean Keane

Edit by: Sean Keane

Pretty chill weekend with the Sacramento Crew. Couple of sweet photos shot by Megan Petersen and Sean Keane. Thanks to everyone that came out and chilled. Another great weekend with good friends. Enjoy! – Andy

The crew cold kickin it


Andy with a stale wall-ride to fakie out


Downtown Sacramento. America.. F#$K YEAH!


Toby's blades


Toby with a beastly safety grab to roll-in


Toby with a steez'd out backside


Jeff chilling way to hawrd on this backside royal


Toby and Jraff kicking back in the shade. Peep those sweet RW tees their rockin.


Malm and Dirt love... Apple juice?

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