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Xsjado Avant 3 Skates

Xsjado just dropped their brand new Avant 3 Skates. Probably the best color scheme they could of came up with. Navy blue with white souls and frames. Them white laces on the footwrap really set this skate over the top for me. For this skate Xsjado went with 2.0 Soulplates and a 1.0 Cuff, seeming to be a favorite of their team. If you’ve never used or seen a pair of Xsjado’s before, your probably wondering why they look so weird. Well the best way to explain this is the skate is kind of like a snowboard binding. You put your foot into the footwrap and then you put your foot with the footwrap inside of the skate. And then the skate locks you in with a 3 point locking system, 2 of which being velcro straps, and the other is a metal ratchet. Be sure to check out some of the photos below:
The Frame: Kizer Fluid IV White Frames

The Kizer Fluid is Kizer‘s longest running frame. Its continuous success is credited to its simple design, solid yet lightweight construction and its speed and consistency on the grind. For the all-new branding of Kizer in 2011 we decided to focus our attention on perfecting this frame even further. With the grand selection of frames available from Kizer and our project to specialize each one of them it was decided that the Fluid frame would become the ultimate complement for Anti-Rocker setups. An Anti-Rocker setup is arguably the most popular form of blading. The Anti-Rocker wheels in the center spots help glide tricks into the groove and create protection against slipping out of tricks. Anti-Rocker wheels are made from easy sliding compounds to reduce friction while holding you perfectly in place on the grind.

The Fluid 4 is the only frame designed to enhance all the benefits of Anti-Rocker skating thanks to precision testing with various Anti-Rocker wheels and groove shapes. The groove has also been made a little shallower thanks to rider feedback. Due to popular demand the Kizer Fluid 4 is now also available in 3 sizes, incorporating a brand new Medium sized frame. So here you have it. Kizer‘s most successful and legendary frame is now more advanced than ever before.

The Padding/Footwraps:

The Soulplates:

This is my favorite improvement they’ve made to this skate. A one piece soulplate! The older 1.0 Xsjados always sounded a bit clacky when you land. But with the new one piece souls they are alot more solid.  The toe area is  more contour to the shape of your foot giving you a large soulplate without a ton of overhang.

The Bearings: Generic Abec 7′s

For bearings they come setup with some Generic Abec 7′s, pretty standard, with dual metal shields to help keep lube in, and keep gunk and dirt out.The Anti-Rockers: Undercover 46mm Plastic Anti-Rocker

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