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8 responses to “Xsjado Basic Review”

  1. jake

    Great review, very helpfull since im goin on monday to get these skates, so thx for makin it.

  2. some random person

    and if you don’t like the footwrap, you can always use any shoe.
    i only used the footwraps for a week.. and i’ve been using xsajdos for 11 months

  3. five40

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  4. Jimbo

    do the skates look phat on ur feet or are thry pretty skinny? especially conerned about how they look from the back and around the cuff..please contact me on

  5. Da SonofDaniel

    If you actually read what he said, he states” I thought they gave me the small shell”. That means they look small/skinny. Next time ,read the whole review and you might find your answer.

  6. stuart lane

    Forgot to put in mi name lol

    ive had these skates nearly a year now.

    If it wernt for these i probably wouldnt of even lernt to grind yet :p.

    I’ve had to make a few minor repairs like the velcro coz i cant fix the buckle.

    well happy skating and cya!

  7. Jeremy

    Thanks alot, this review helped me out so much I am actually going to get them today. Can I actually use any shoe in the skates or does it have to be a certain kind.? Lemme know.

  8. Amir

    I wish all of it were truee….

    Xsjados are really sickkk skates butt…. they are heavy!!

    4.6 pounds per foot!!
    plus the souls slide really bad on metal ledges..



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