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13 responses to “Xsjado Latimer 2 Skeleton”

  1. clayton bigsby

    these look sweet i am going to try to get my mom to get me some of these skeletons. can i get them in a complete skate?

  2. kurt snow

    how the fuck do u pronounce the name in fact i wanted to kno so bad i looked up stockwell’s myspace just to ask him cuz tis been bugging the shit outta me for a long ass time

  3. james

    some bad ass skates, ya’ll should get some, up yur compitition! later bitches!

  4. skulltherapy

    pronounced: “SHADOW”

  5. some random person

    For anyone who doesn’t know how to pronounce xsjado. It is pronounced “shadow”

  6. Nickenbokan

    If you try sounding out Xsjado, it should be pretty obvious, and yeah the Latimer 2 Skeletons looks pretty nice.

  7. k steez the don

    werd kids

  8. Some Kid That Goes To School

    Those are sik. im gettin some of those for cristmas with some feinberg suspentions, shima 3 wheels, and crap bearings. i also got the jug immorals for skool that im gonna use. any way, those skates are pimpalicious!

    PS: if you watch the videos on and go to downloads, they say “Xsjado” a lot. thats where i learned how to say it.

  9. ellis vicente

    i think that xsjado skates are amazing the best style of skates around i skate xsjado latimers and they are very light i have a good advantage from xsjado like jumping onto rail.

  10. ellis vicente


  11. ellis vicente

    i have latmers with white mook frames and jeff stockwell footwraps

  12. idk

    shuold i get these with 1.8′s nd gonzo wheels or the murda 3 complete?

  13. idk

    should i get dl2 skeleton wit chris farmer foot wraps nd 1.8 mooks or murda 3 complete

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