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6 responses to “Xsjado Stockwell Boot w/ 50-50 Core Frames”

  1. Amy's_Keeper

    Great review, if I wasn’t already skating Stockwells, I would after reading this.

  2. xsjado

    just like my 1st xsjado set up looking off da hook keep the rollin up peace

  3. RO$$

    ugly ugly ugly ugly

  4. zara

    just to say that as a very untrendy parent trying to ascertain what skate to buy her son for Christmas I found the information on this page very, very helpful. It was also good as I didn’t have to decipher a lot of text type slang first. Thanks

  5. xtrmbldr911

    just wonderin where can u find the xsjado night plates? or which ones would work best with the xsjados?

  6. stefan c.

    jus go to and u’ll find em

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