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50/50 2020 Backpack

The 50/50 backpack has been refined for today’s needs. Designed to fit everything you need for a session. We’ve slimmed up the pockets and made a few tweaks to make it more modern. Perfect for a weekend trip, fits perfectly as an...


Powerslide Bags/Backpacks

Powerslide has recently come through with a nice line of Bags/Backpacks. Coming in different sizes, their sure to have something that perfectly suites your needs in a bag. All with capabilities to hold your skates or at least...


Rollerblade Urban Commuter Backpack

Rollerblade Urban Commuter Backpack The Urban Commuter Backpack is versatile, features an internal storage area for carrying skates and includes wheel covers to keep other items and the interior cleaner. There is a helmet clip on...