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CUSTOM: USD VII Roman Abrate Pro Skates

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USD VII Roman Abrate Pro Boots

One of the best looking USD VII skates to come out in some time, the new Roman Abrate Pro VII skate does not disappoint. Rugged skin overlay on a solid VII boot makes for a perfect skate no matter what your preference in tricks may be. This skate come boot only at RW so it’s a perfect blank slate to start with for you own custom skate. Get your favorite frames and wheels and your ready to roll!

Ground Control Featherlite 3 Frames

The Ground Control Featherlite 3 frames are some of the best frames out right now. Several new upgrades to these frames have made them even better. New metal frame spacers makes it so you have a solid connection between your bearing and frame. This reduces friction, while giving enough space to let your wheel roll freely without letting your bearing rub against the inner sidewall of the frame. New plastic formula in these frames makes them slide faster then ever, and feel even more solid than the last generation.

These frames have a recessed frame wall, and what that does is when your grinding it reduces your surface friction, making you slide faster when grinding. Beveled edges on the bottom for better cess slides. Coming setup with 42mm anti-rockers right out of the box.

Wheels: Deal With It 59mm 90a

The DWI Hiragana wheel is a premium pour inline skate wheel made right here in the US.
Great for shredding the streets or your local park. The red symbols read “Deal With It”.
Blader owned and run.

-Black Urethane with a black core
-Sold in a set of 4

Bones Reds Bearings (8)

These skates are custom with red highlights on the frame, boot, and liner. So why not go with some Bones Red Bearings too! One of the companies that makes bearings specifically for skating is Bones Bearings. Some of the highest quality bearings at an affordable price.
• Single, removable, non-contact rubber shield allows for easy cleaning and less rolling resistance.
• High speed Nylon™ ball retainer provides added speed and strength.
• Skate Rated™ clearances, tolerances, materials and lubricant provide the best performance and durability possible.

 The Soul Plates: USD VII Soul plates

USD VII soul plates are some of the best on the market. A lot of skaters even put these on their Carbons and non-usd skates. Their super thick while maintaining a low profile. Very tough rugged construction make these great for all grinds and especially nice for torques and backslide tricks. Roller Warehouse carries the VII souls in a bunch of different colors and we can swap them out on your skate for free, just give us a call.

These skate now have added hardware along the soul plate to make it an even more secure fit to the boot. These additional bolts make this solid skate feel like their built like a tank but still retain their light weight. Great improvement to this skate.


Powerslide MyFit Dual Fit Crown Liners

Dual Fit – Thanks to a neoprene front part, the liner fits 2 sizes at once, adjusting better to your foot shape and allowing to downsize if needed.
Flex Control – The forward and sideways flex of the liner can be easily adjusted to your personal needs by simply removing or adding the support sheets to the tongue or power arch pockets. Also, the cuff support strap can be adjusted in hight or lateral position.

Lacing – The lacing on the CROWN liner adds extra stability and fixation for maximum control and performance. Custom positioning of the lacing can be achieved by adjusting the cuff support strap.

Silicon Grip – Hundreds of small silicon dots all over the back of the liner increase the heel grip, making sure the liner never slips inside of the shell.
Shock Absorbtion – In collaboration with the aggressive skating market leader USD, the CROWN liner is equipped with an effective and detachable shock absorber. If you want to jump down stairs, you do not want to sleep on this feature!

45 Degree Ankle strap keeps your foot locked in and secure for more precise movements. Strap is also replacable.

Classic USD VII cuff but with a nice V-cut to it. Complements the liners perfectly. Comes with same buckles that come on the USD carbon line of skates, some of the best out there. Can also easily fit on other brand/generic buckles.

If your thinking about picking up a pair or have some questions, feel free to give us a call at

1-800-772-2502, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm pst.

USD VII Roman Abrate Pro Boots

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