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CUSTOM: Razors Shift 2 Skates

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Razors Shift 2 Skates

The Razors Shift 2 skates are some of the best looking Razors skates to come out in some time. They already come right out the box with a great looking setup; however, we threw some color in the mix with this custom setup. Adding some high quality parts to an already high quality skate, these are ready to shred any obstacle.

The Frames: Ground Control Mega Dark Grey Frames

Ground Control recently dropped their Mega Frames. A slightly smaller version of the big frame, and also a larger version of the featherlite; however, this frame is great for riding flat. The H-block comes out below the normal grind area to help prevent wheel bite. These frames fit up to a 64mm wheel size.

BHC Alex Burston 60mm 90a

 BHC wheels are known for being great for all terrains especially street skating. These Burston pro wheels come in a 60mm size with a flat profile. Their going to have you rolling real fast and slide great when you need them to.

The Bearings: Titen Ceramic Bearings

Ceramic bearings represent the latest in bearing technology and offer many benefits:
• Ceramic bearings have 1/10th the friction of steel which means faster speeds and less effort.
• 60% Lighter Weight – Silicon Nitrate balls weigh 60% less than steel balls of the same size. Reduce your bearing rotating weight!
• Longer Life – Ceramic Bearings last up to 5 times longer than steel!
• Cooler Running – Ceramic Bearings have no micro weld adhesion between the balls & races which means lower friction. Ceramic also has a lower amount of thermal expansion which also reduces temperatures. Bearings run cooler and vibration levels are lower at high RPM
• No Special Handling or Cleaning

Soulplate: Razors Shift Slider Soulframes and Soulplates

  These soul plates are some of the best designed parts out of Razors to date. On top of the instant frame change system on the skate these soul plates have little to no hard wear. Meaning you won’t ever be sliding on metal bolts and can easily be changed out. Coolest part is that the soul is one solid wing so you can easily change out the main part you grind with while keeping the negative/base piece intact.

The Liner: Powerslide MyFit Fat Boy Medium Green Liner

Roller Warehosuse recently got in the new MyFit FatBoy Medium liners from Powerslide. Perfect for a new custom skate or an upgrade to your current pair of skates.

The Myfit FatBoy liners are some of the best liners in the game right now. The perfect amount of padding in all the right places. These FatBoy liners are packed with tons of features these liners will not let you down. These liners have a nice perfectly wide width to accommodate a wide range of foot sizes and fit preferences, something a lot of the slimmer narrow liners can’t do.

These liners have a nice broad shape thats not too skinny, so it can accommodate a lot of different types of foot shapes. Great liner if your looking to upgrade your skates and works for most USD, Razors, Valo, and Rollerblade skates.

If your thinking about picking up a pair or have some questions, feel free to give us a call at

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  Razors Shift 2 Skates

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