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CUSTOM: Razors Shift Kirill Galushko Pro Skates

Razors Shift Kirill Galushko Pro Skates

Both Razors and Ground Control have dropped some new gear lately. The Razors Shift Kirill Galushko Pro Skates comes ready for some grinds but with the instant frame change system, can quickly be converted to a big wheel skate. The new Ground Control HD 80 frames are a perfect match. Coming with super solid construction and the option to add a side grind plate to enable better sliding capabilities on grinds. This custom skate setup is perfect for both beginners and advance skaters.

Ground Control Freeskate HD 80mm Frame Kit

Aluminum FSK Frame
UFS Mounting
80mm Max
240mm & 270mm Lengths
Full sidewalls for increased stiffness, response, and durability
Aluminum Axles
Optional UHMW Grindplate sold separately 

Includes 8x 80mm 85a Wheels & 16x Abec 9 Bearings

Ground Control HD 80mm UHMW Grind Plate Kit

Compatible with the new Ground Control Freeskate HD 80mm Frames & all older Ground Control Freeskate 80mm Frames.

Razors V-Cut Cuff

New Razors V-cut cuff provides extra mobility without comprising response and comfort. Also fits the new Reign V3 V-cut liner perfectly.

Razors Shift Slider Soulframes and Soulplates

 These soul plates are some of the best designed parts out of Razors to date. On top of the instant frame change system on the skate these soul plates have little to no hard wear. Meaning you won’t ever be sliding on metal bolts and can easily be changed out. Coolest part is that the soul is one solid wing so you can easily change out the main part you grind with while keeping the negative/base piece intact.

Razors Shift skates come with a patented instant frame changing system which allows the changing of frames and soul frame in seconds.  No need to take the frame off the soul, the frame remains attached to the soul using traditional UFS mounts.

Push the labeled buttons on the underside of the soul frame, using the included allen wrench or other tool for more leverage, and move the slider towards the outside.  You can now easily take off the soul and frame.

Align the soul and frame with the boot and firmly push the inside of the soul frame onto the boot. Make sure that all 4 ‘tongues’ are securely locked into the grooves of the boot.  Guide the slider onto the outside of the boot and soulframe, tongue to groove, until the both push buttons of the soul frame pop up. Make sure that all 4 tongues are interlocking with the grooves of the boot.

Reign V3 V-Cut Liners

• Thinner construction for better fit in slimmer shells
• Swooped Achilles cut
• Reinforced carry-strap
• Full Lycra lining
• Footbed with arch support
• Reinforced lacing
• Rubber heel for limited slippage
• Neoprene toe

If your thinking about picking up a pair or have some questions, feel free to give us a call at

1-800-772-2502, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm pst.

Razors Shift Kirill Galushko Pro Skates

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