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CUSTOM: Remz Josiah Blee Pro Skates

Written by RW

 Remz Josiah Blee Pro SkatesThe Remz Josiah Blee comes in a more simple setup color wise. But this make this skate perfect for customization. These new Blee Pro Skates come with wheel wells carved out on the soul plate so you can fit larger wheels into your frames. We decided to make a cool setup with some big wheels so show off this new feature.
– Josiah Blee signature skate
– New boot + liner lacing system & foot strap support
– New Remz liner ft. 12mm PU shock absorber
– True-Balance Remz boot
Undercover Powerblading Werbeski II 72mm 86a wheels
Kizer Slimline 2 Black Frames
– Remz one-piece soulplate
– 42 mm anti-rocker wheels
Kaltik Green Titanium Bearings

The Frames: Kizer Slimline 2 Black Frames

8mm Rocker-able Axels
Aluminum Frame Spacers
Recessed Frame Walls
Concave h-block shape to reduce wheel bite
Allows for multiple different wheel setups
Ideal Flat-Rocker Frame

The Kizer Slimline is one of the younger additions to the Kizer family. The 2011 re-vamped version of this frame has been designed as the ultimate flat setup frame thanks to the help of the industries leaders in frame technology including the one and only Al Dolega.
A flat setup is beneficial for a number of reasons: It allows you better speed and control as well as improved anti-shock. Flat setups allow for faster turns and also allow for longer wheel life.

The Wheels: Undercover Powerblading Werbeski II 72mm 86a

Superjuice Compound. Advanced aggressive technology for freeskate wheels.
Exclusively poured in California, USA. Created with the finest PU (Polyurethane) and core compounds available in the industry. UC PU is the most durable, fast and grippy PU available. Speed Radius Profile.


Bearings: Kaltik Green Titanium Bearings

Titanium is lightweight and corrosion resistant
Best strength to weight ratio
Abec 9
Gold rings with Green rubber shields

The Souls & Backslides: HR 1.2 Soulframes & HR 1.2 Backslide Plates

The new HR 1.2 Soulframes feature Remz all new True Balance frame positioning. Now the frame is directly centered under the foot, to increase stability and responsiveness while grinding. A huge upgrade from their previous models.

The HR 1.2 Backslide Plates now feature a two point mounting system, instead of the older one point mounting system. This ensures a much more solid backslide that wont bud when your lacing your groove tricks.

 The Liners: Remz Josiah Blee Liner

New Remz true balance liner comes with a 12mm shock absorber. Lace holes half way up for additional support if needed. Nice deep V-cut to allow your ankle to move around and be more agile while still maintaining support. Carrying strap on the back. Nice plush anatomical tongues with great padding on the inside as well.

 If your thinking about picking up a pair of have some questions, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-772-2502, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm pst.   Remz Josiah Blee Pro Skates

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