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CUSTOM- Rollerblade New Jack 5 Skates

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 Rollerblade New Jack 5 Skates

 The Rollerblade New Jack 5 has been out for some time now. High quality parts and hardware at a low price make this an obvious choice skate for many customers. The simple color way makes for a wide array of custom skate options. So many customers choose to customize this skate with different frames and wheels. We deiced to add some of the new Ground control Mega frames to make this already sick skate into a even better custom setup.

The Frames: Ground Control Mega Dark Grey Frames

Ground Control recently dropped their Mega Frames. A slightly smaller version of the big frame, and also a larger version of the featherlite; however, this frame is great for riding flat. The H-block comes out below the normal grind area to help prevent wheel bite. These frames fit up to a 64mm wheel size.


The Wheels: Ground Control Star 62mm 90a

With the release of the Mega Frame Ground control also dropped a new line of wheels including a new 64mm and 62mm size. The 62mm is a great fit for the mega frame. It isnt the max wheel size but fits quite nicely, and is a perfect size for someone not too fond of the super big wheels. Nice big fat flat profile helps make these even more sturdy on gaps. Black Urethane is extra grippy and rolls great from the get go.

Bearings: Go Project Freestyle Bearings

Go Project Freestyle bearings are manufactured with great strength making them perfect for side-load and leverage heavy skating disciplines (sharp turning, freestyle, slalom, big wheels etc), They run with extremely low torque and are permeated with an ultra light oil. They use SIX Chrome Steel ball bearings instead of SEVEN for reduced friction. Each ball is marginally bigger than regular bearings making these perfect for a heavy vertical load-bearing sport like inline skating.
While Go Project Freestyle bearings are comparable to an ABEC 7 rated bearing, Go Project does not use the generic ABEC scale to rate bearings because of its irrelevance to the specific tolerances imposed by inline skating. The quality of manufacturing and materials far surpass the importance of a rating based upon ‘revolutions per second’. The Freestyle bearings simply have a Speciality Rating of 4.5/5 which represents their performance when used as a skate bearing.

The Soulplate: Rollerblade New Jack Soulplate 

The Soul plates on the New Jack 5 are super fast and come with a huge groove right out the box. The main piece of the soul plates are glued onto the skin. However you can customize your skate with whites inserts and white cuffs with one of our New Jack cuff kits.

Rollerblade NJ Custom Kit

The Liner: Rollerblade 5 Star Liner The stock Rollerblade 5 star liner that comes in this skate is often overlooked. This is a great skate liner thats super comfy right out the box. That’s why we chose to keep this stock liner in the custom skate. Neoprene toe, plastic tongue and a carrying strap are some of the features on this liner. The padding inside is anatomical and forms to your foot quite nicely, while giving a good grip on the heel to keep it in place.

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   Rollerblade New Jack 5 Skates


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