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CUSTOM: Rollerblade New Jack Pro 2018

Written by RW

  Rollerblade New Jack Pro 2018 Skates

 The Rollerblade New Jack Pro skates come looking amazing right out the box. Since the colors on this skate already make them pop, we decided to beef them up with a flat wheel setup while keeping the stock look. The earth tones in the Kaltik frame and Hydrogen wheels complements the boot while also bringing up the performance factor. These skates are ready to shred anything in their path.

he Frames: Kaltik Schopfer Flat Frames 

Kaltik frames have been gaining in popularity over the last few years. The Kaltik Flat frame is a favorite among many flat rocker skaters. The super wide groove with extra plastic around the wheel wells allows you to skate flat with all 8 wheels; yet, still be able to slide all your tricks with out any wheel bite. These frames are some of the best flat frames on the market.

Wheels: Rollerblade HYDROGEN 60mm / 92A

RB bringing it’s signature Hydrogen formula to the Aggressive market. Hydrogen wheels are known as the top of the line for Rec, Free Skate, etc. Unmatched performance, power, & response. Consistent performance, speed, cornering with less effort. Poured in the U.S.A.. These 60mm wheels come in a 92a hardness which is perfect for street skating.

The Soulplate: Rollerblade New Jack Soulplate 

 The Soul plates on the NJ Pro are super fast and come with a huge groove right out the box. The main piece of the soul plates are glued onto the skin. However you can customize your skate with whites inserts and white cuffs with one of our New Jack cuff kits.





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  Rollerblade New Jack Pro 2018 Skates

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