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CUSTOM: USD Montre Carbon Free Skates

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Roller Warehouse recently got in the new Circolo Yuri Botelho wheels as well as the USD Montre Carbon Free Boots. So we decided to pair these two new products together to make a real cool looking custom setup. A simple blacked out boot except with a rasta colored (Red, Yellow, Green) theme. The subtle matching of the wheels laces and cuff beads make this skate really standout in the crowd.

The Montre skates feature a high quality real suede leather skin with an extended stealth cuff cover. This cuff overlay pretty much acts like a skin for your cuff and adds a little extra style to your blades. These skates are USD Carbon Free skates which retain the same light weight attributes as carbon but in a plastic shell. These Montre Pro Carbon Free skates also features a removable liner, only previously seen in the Carbon D.I.Y. skates.

The Frames:  Kizer Slimline 2 Black FramesFeatures:
8mm Rocker-able Axels
Aluminum Frame Spacers
Recessed Frame Walls
Concave h-block shape to reduce wheel bite
Allows for multiple different wheel setups
Ideal Flat-Rocker Frame

The Kizer Slimline is one of the younger additions to the Kizer family. The 2011 re-vamped version of this frame has been designed as the ultimate flat setup frame thanks to the help of the industries leaders in frame technology including the one and only Al Dolega.
A flat setup is beneficial for a number of reasons: It allows you better speed and control as well as improved anti-shock. Flat setups allow for faster turns and also allow for longer wheel life. 

The Soulplates: USD Carbon Soul Plates

These are the souls that come on all USD Carbon Free or Carbon Skates. These soulplates offer a slim-lined profile with anatomical backslide. These are poured from a very hard plastic, provided much needed durability. If your wanting something a little more beefy check out the USD VII Soul Plates, those work as well on this skate. Those and the USD Carbon Soul Plates souls are available in a wide variety of different colors. Keep in mind we can swap out the color of ANY part on this skate for no additional charge, just gotta call us up and place your order over the phone.

The Wheels: Circolo Yuri Botelho 59mm 89aThese new Yuri Botelho Pro Circolo wheels are some really amazing wheels for both street and park. Made with Circolo’s Street Formula and poured in the USA, so you know these wheels are going to roll smooth. Rasta logo matches the Montre skates perfectly.

 The Bearings: Bones Reds Bearings (8)

These skates are all custom with red parts why not go with some Bones Red Bearings too! One of the companies that makes bearings specifically for skating is Bones Bearings. If you’re looking for a Bones quality bearing, but don’t want to spend over $50 bucks for it,the Bones Red Bearings are perfect for you.
These bearings are probably the biggest bang for you buck when it comes to Bones. Like all other Bones Bearings, they don’t come with an ABEC rating because they are off the ABEC chart. The Bones Red Bearings provide one of the smoothest and long lasting rides that you can find.
• Single, removable, non-contact rubber shield allows for easy cleaning and less rolling resistance.
• High speed Nylon™ ball retainer provides added speed and strength.
• Skate Rated™ clearances, tolerances, materials and lubricant provide the best performance and durability possible.

The Cuffs: USD Carbon II Cuffs

These are the cuffs that come stock on these blades. The inner Carbon Fiber shell doesn’t go all the way to the top of the skate, it stops before the ball of your ankle. So having this cuff on is a must for that much needed support. Beefy v-cut in the back to match the shape of the boot to provide optimum flex while keeping substantial support. Slits in the cuff help with this as well. We have these cuffs in a wide variety of different color, and we can swap them out for no additional charge, to do this you gotta call us up and place your order over the phone.

Keep in mind we can swap out the color of ANY part on this skate for no additional charge. (As long as the part is the same price) To make these changes you have to call us up and place your order over the phone, 1-800-772-2502 (Mon-Fri 8am to 6pm PST).

The Liners: USD Montre Carbon Free Liner

Unlike most USD Carbon and Carbon Free skates these come with a removable liner. Previously only in Carbon 4 and Carbon Free DIY skates, this is an awesome feature to have. Comes with My Fit liner that can be heat molded at 80 C to be customized in fit and function it’s almost to good to be true. 45 Degree straps keep your liner locked in and your foot secure.

  USD Montre Carbon Free Boots

  If you ever have any questions about product or skating in general, feel free to call us up at 1-800-772-2502 (Mon-Fri 8am to 6pm PST) and ask for me ( Hirt), and I’ll  be glad to help you out.

 USD Montre Carbon Free Boots

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