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CUSTOM: USD VII Grey 2016 Skates

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 USD VII Grey 2016 Skates

The VII skate has been around for quite some time. A timeless solid skate design it’s no wonder this is a skate that is growing in popularity. The USD VII skate is now made from stiffer materials and has one of the most up-to-date soulplates on the market. Added hardware to the soulplate and shell to give a more solid grind and feel. Almost all frames and liners work great for this skate so its a perfect skate for customizing.

The USD VII is a great skate for all levels of skating, and comes at a great price, so we chose to build this skate up into a sweet custom setup.


The Frames: Kizer Slimline 2 White Frames

8mm Rocker-able Axels
Aluminum Frame Spacers
Recessed Frame Walls
Concave h-block shape to reduce wheel bite
Allows for multiple different wheel setups
Ideal Flat-Rocker Frame

The Kizer Slimline is one of the younger additions to the Kizer family. The 2011 re-vamped version of this frame has been designed as the ultimate flat setup frame thanks to the help of the industries leaders in frame technology including the one and only Al Dolega.
A flat setup is beneficial for a number of reasons: It allows you better speed and control as well as improved anti-shock. Flat setups allow for faster turns and also allow for longer wheel life.

The Wheels: Undercover Chameleon 55mm 90a New interlock core new faster and extra long lasting PU (Polyurethane) compound.
Super strong with perfect bonding offers a good amount of PU for a smooth ride and perfect grip.
Exclusively poured in California, USA. Created with the finest PU and core compounds available in the industry. UC PU is the most durable, fast and grippy PU available

The Bearings: Go Project Richie Eisler Bearings

Richie Eisler skates hard and fast. Go Project Richie Eisler skate bearings are designed specifically for inline skating. So you know you’re getting a proper bearing when setting your skates up with these. This teal color Eisler Pro bearing is perfect to complete this custom setup with teal highlights.

 The Soul Plates: USD VII Soul plates

USD VII soul plates are some of the best on the market. A lot of skaters even put these on their Carbons and non-usd skates. Their super thick while maintaining a low profile. Very tough rugged construction make these great for all grinds and especially nice for torques and backslide tricks. Roller Warehouse carries the VII souls in a bunch of different colors and we can swap them out on your skate for free, just give us a call.

These skate now have added hardware along the soul plate to make it an even more secure fit to the boot. These additional bolts make this solid skate feel like their built like a tank but still retain their light weight. Great improvement to this skate.

With a new improved USD liner and the USD VII soul kit, these skate amazing! Both Backslides and torque slides feel super controlled thanks to the placement and material of the groove.  Lightweight the solid shell and cuff has great support on the ankle and all around the foot. Great skates at a great price.

The Liners: Powerslide MyFit Fat Boy Medium Teal Liner 

The Myfit FatBoy liners are some of the best liners in the game right now. The perfect amount of padding in all the right places. These FatBoy liners are packed with tons of features these liners will not let you down. Such as neoprene toes, anatomical tongues, and heat moldable ready. These liners have a nice perfectly wide width to accommodate a wide range of foot sizes and fit preferences, something a lot of the slimmer narrow liners can’t do.  

If your thinking about picking up a pair or have some questions, feel free to give us a call at

1-800-772-2502, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm pst.

  USD VII Grey 2016 Skates

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