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CUSTOM: Valo Thee Strange Skates

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 Valo TV Thee Strange Skate $224.00
Valo TV Thee Strange Boot $199.00

 Valo brand has always been known for making some super solid feeling skates. Now Valo Owner Jon Julio and Thee Strange boys collaborated on the design of this skate to bring a little strange to your blade scene. These blades come with an awesome stock setup with a more basic all blacked out color scheme. So we decided to spice them up and upgrade some parts on the skates to make this awesome Custom Valo Strange Skate. Sizing:

These skates do run very true to size length wise. But are a little bit narrow width wise. So if you have a wider foot, best idea is to size up a half to full size. Any questions, feel free to call us 1-800-772-2502

Shell Sizing:
6-7, 8-9, 10, 11-12, 13-15

The Frames: Kizer Fluid IV Frames

Kizer’s frame team put their heads together to bring you a frame designed specifically for anti-rocker skating. Wide h-block and able to fit 60mm wheels on the outside. Super solid construction mae these frames ride smooth and slide fast. Perfect for any style of skating but especially nice in the park and on the street since YOU CAN NOT RIDE THESE FRAMES FLAT! ONLY ANTI-ROCKER! But they are indeed some of the best anti-rocker frames.

8mm Axels
Aluminum Frame Spacers
Wide H-Block
Minimalistic Design
Ideal Anti-Rocker Frame

The Wheels: Bfree Pro Street Artist Wheel

Brian Freeman or better known as “Bfree” gets this well deserved pro wheel from Street Urethane. Very nice high quality wheel that’s poured in the U.S.A. Jet black 88A urethane with a white Tri-core. Simple white graphic on both sides. Essential for all you Anti & Freestyle bladers out with it’s 58mm size. 88a hardness will have you rolling smooth over all surfaces, while still being hard enough to slide perfectly on ledges.

The Bearings: Provoke ArmorRED BearingsEach set comes with 8 Bearings + 4 Spacers
Dual Rubberized Shields
Recessed cap is 1mm deeper inside the shell than conventional bearings to reduce dirt intake. Pre-lubricated with a mixture of three different oils for the smoothest ride possible. The unique “V-groove” construction makes the moving parts less exposed to external conditions leading to a noiseless and virtually invincible bearing. Designed for a cycle of 60,000 hours of continuous 24/7 use. Withstand temperatures of -40 to 248 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Anti’s: Moonshine 46mm Anti-Rockers

Moonshine 46mm Anti-Rockers are handmade UHMW wheels. UHMW is a super hard and extremely fast material. These anti-rockers are high quality and will slide across anything, and last quite a long time. Perfect for street and park skating, they come in two sizes 43mm and 46mm. So if your into riding larger wheels or just like the way a bigger anti-rocker feels 46mm is perfect for you.

The Soulplates: Valo 2 Piece Black and White Soul Plates

These are Valo’s New 2 Piece Soul Plates first introduced a few years ago. They went with a 2 piece system this time, which enabled them to increased the thickness of the soulplate, increasing durability. They are now a two piece system, so you can swap them out to give your skate a cool custom look. These are made out of Polyamide Nylon with infused Glass Fiber to increase grinding speed and strength. Hands down some of the longest lasting souls on the market. Most of the time the soulplates last just about as long as the skates. Beefy design to hold up to tough street skating.

The Liners: Valo TV Thee Strange Liner
These liners have improved stitching compared to the older valo models, heel cup is wider and now made of a more durable fabric material. Neoprene toe will reduce pressure on your toes and form to your foot. These are pretty much the ideal liner for Valos, not super thick, not super thin, the perfect amount of padding for these skates.

Keep in mind for your CUSTOM SKATE, we can swap out and change any color of any same part for FREE. If your thinking about picking up a pair of skates and have some questions, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-772-2502, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm pst.

  Valo TV Thee Strange Skate $224.00
Valo TV Thee Strange Boot $199.00

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