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CUSTOM: Valo V13 White Skates

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V13 White Skates 

The V13 White Skate comes setup looking extra crispy and clean right out the box. All the more reason to make this skate a custom setup. The white boot is a perfect blank slate to build on. Almost everything except the cuff is replaceable on this skate so you got some options when it comes to customizing.

The Frames: Kaltik Nylon Flat Frames

Introducing the lubricated nylon injected Kaltik Flat Frame. Extra durability and strength.

Kaltik Frames, a skater owned and operated frame company out of Ireland brings you their signature Flat Rocker Frame.
Features a concave h-block area which when skating flat, protects your middle wheels from catching up on whatever your grinding.
Each set of Pro Model Frames sold includes a royalty paid to the skater himself.
Designed to skate bigger Wheels all the way across. (Don’t want to go smaller than 58mm)
Includes: 8mm Axels (8), Plastic Frame Spacers (16), & Plastic Bearing Spacers (8).
Since 2002. Designed and Manufactured in Ireland.

Size: Small 5.0-7.5, Large 8.0-15.0

The Wheels: Haunted Crown 59mm 92a Wheels


The Bearings: S9 Bearings

S9 bearings are industrial strength so you know you’ll be getting a strong bearing. They also come rubber sealed to keep the dirt and gunk out of there. These bearings are perfect for the everyday abuse of street skating.

The Souls: V13 Soulplate

Also available in different colors.

The Liner: Valo V13 Liner

The Valo v13 liner is your basic valo liner design, but with a higher cuff and extra padding. Has an elastic strap that helps keep the tongue as well as liner secure in the skate as well as on your foot, and a liner carrying strap. These liners will give you a lot more support and control as soon as you put them into your skates, they feel great right out the box. Also as a neoprene toe for less pressure and extra comfort.

If your thinking about picking up a pair of skates and have some questions, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-772-2502, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm pst.  Valo V13 White Skates

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