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CUSTOM: Xsjado Werbeski Pro Skates

Written by RW

 Xsjado Dustin Werbeski Pro SkatesThe Xsjado Webreski Pro skates are some of the most unique looking skates to come out in some time. The colors of the skates along with some woodgrain soul plates really make this a cool looking skate right out of the box. So RW decided to customize this skate with some frames, wheels, and bearings that compliment the stock setup. 2.0 Souplates & 1.0 Cuffs
Ground Control Fl3 Frames
57mm Circolo Wheels w/ Kaltik Abec 9 Bearings.

Black/Brown Mix soulplates giving that wood grain look

The Frames: Ground Control Featherlite 3 Tan Frames Some of the best frames on the market. There’s a reason why these are so popular. No super special capabilities just a solid frame that slides great and won’t let you down. All the normal bells and whistles but in a tank like construction. The Tan color way of these frames makes for a great custom skate setup. Hurry and pick up a pair cause these won’t last long.


– Metal Frame Spacers NEW
– New plastic compound NEW
One Piece Lightweight Construction
Recessed Frame Walls
Sickle Axel Bolts
Beveled Edges
42mm Anti-Rockers
Made in 3 Sizes for Optimum Fit

The Soulplate: Xsjado 2.0 Soulplate

Possibly the coolest part about these skates is the fact this Werbeski Pro Model comes with a Classic style 1.0 cuff but has the newer one piece 2.0 soul plate. Makig your grinds even more solid and slide even faster. On top of that these skates come with a one of a kind wood grain colored soul plate. Making it even cooler to customize.

The Wheels: Circolo Brown Eye 57mm 90a
  Square Profile that’s great for street and park skating.
High Rebound giving your the best ride available.
Polyurethane Formula is tested and proven.
Made in California, U.S.A.

The Bearings: Kaltik Yellow Abec 9 Bearings

 Abec 9
Steel Balls
Black Rings
Yellow Metal Shields

Footwraps: Xsjado Werbeski Footwraps

Perfect footbeds for these skates so we kept these custom skates stock with the Werbeski Footwraps. Thinner tongue to give you a more responsive feel. Perfect amount of padding through out the footwrap. Footbed has an awesome old school print, with a nice medium thickness. If you have any questions about product or skating in general, feel free to give us a call, we’re more than willing to help you out,

1-800-772-2502, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm pst.   Xsjado Dustin Werbeski Pro Skates

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