K2 Front Street Skates

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 K2 Front Street Skates

 Setting the benchmark for the new line of aggressive inline skates, the Front Street is ready to take whatever you throw at it. It’s aggressive cuff offers proven performance and support for the biggest of gaps, with the added benefits of a shock absorbing foot bed. These feature a lacing system all the way to the top of the ankle. Paired along with a rugged 45 degree strap that’ll ensure your feet stay nice and locked in. Some key features a lot of other skates don’t have.K2 went back to the drawing board and came up with a completely redesigned 1- piece soul for extra durability, with Teflon® inserts that reduce friction and allow you to slide almost any surface.

Skate Frame: Aggressive UFS Frame

A key component that greatly enhances the performance of the all new Front Street skates is K2’s new UFS compliant frame. This frame can to be ridden flat ensuring that your inner wheels won’t get hung up on H-Block based tricks. For those that want to ride a rockered setup, K2’s frame hardware allows you to add rocker to your wheel setup without having to buy smaller wheels. If that’s not enough, we channeled out a huge groove that works in harmony with the new Aggressive Base to create the easiest of platforms for locking on, whether riding a flat or rockered setup.

Wheels/Bearings: 58mm/ABEC-5 Bearings 

 These wheels come with a flat setup ready to roll right out the box. 58mm is ideal for street maneuvers. Along with the Abec 5 bearings you’ll have more than enough speed.K2 Skates have always been known for their soft boot design. No plastic hardshell instead there’s a all-in-one built in liner. This makes K2 skates some of the lightest and most responsive on the market. They also skate much different than many other skates, with a very unique but solid ride. 

 If your thinking about picking up a pair of skates and have some questions, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-772-2502, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm pst.

 K2 Front Street Skates

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